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Mary Hammes, DO

Professional Accomplishments

Mary Hammes is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Medical Director of Woodlawn DaVita Dialysis. She has been on faculty since 1995 with a unique long term experience with ESRD hemodialysis patients, following a cohort of in-center hemodialysis patients longitudinally for over 25 years. These patients are the base for numerous studies which have helped improve various aspects of their care. She has been a PI from 2011-2018 on an NIH funded project that has enabled an understanding of the research process and the commitment it entails.

Work-Life Balance

My work life balance comes to me through exercise, mainly through long distance running. I have been an avid runner since my college years. I have come to know myself very well, what works and what doesn’t, for example I clearly know I excel at slow long distance. Exercise provides solitude in the often hectic urban environment we face at University of Chicago. I start my day with a run, finding peace in the early morning hours as the sun comes up, I sort and prioritize all that I need to do. I have had struggles, injuries and endure pain, but these are times when I slow down and redirect my goals. Vacations with my family, including my husband and two young adults, are active adventures such as: biking, backpacking, hiking, and fishing.

Advice to Women Faculty
and Trainees

Take advantage of all the University of Chicago has to offer. We work at a leading research institution with unlimited resources. My advice is: Parallelize your approach. Instead of a step wise approach, I find it best to work on different aspects of a project at one time, they will complement each other when the project comes to completion. Always have a backup plan. Focus and Commit. Research is not easy. It is however, incredibly rewarding especially when you add to a discovery that you know will help patients. Be fearless and accept a challenge. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone and fail. This only makes you stronger.