Mission Statement

To develop and enhance an excellent academic environment for women faculty and trainees through networking, mentorship, professional development, and advocacy.

Committee Description

The Department of Medicine (DOM) Women’s Committee was formed in 1999 to address gender specific issues and concerns of the women faculty in the Department of Medicine. Since then, the Committee has evolved to address networking, mentorship, equity review and professional development of women faculty as well. In 2012, the first issue of the Committee’s newsletter, Women at the Forefront, was launched to highlight the accomplishments of our women faculty and trainees, and to provide a platform for dissemination of information relevant to the woman physician or scientist in academics.

The Department of Medicine Women’s Committee extends its reach to all women faculty and trainees in the Department through various programs geared towards enhancement of leadership skills, professional development and work life balance. We work closely with Dr. Everett Vokes and DOM leadership to enrich the academic environment for our women faculty and trainees, and we build productive collaborations with the Office of Faculty Affairs in the Biological Sciences Division to carry out our mission.